p r o j e c t s    &   e v e n t s 

Workshop: NYP - The Allen Hospital
Spring 2014

Workshop: Hebrew Home, New York
Winter-Spring 2014

Health Education Outreach:  
New York Presbyterian Hospital 
August 2013 

Workshop: New York Presbyterian Hospital 
Fall 2012 - Summer 2013 

Workshop: New York Public Library
June 2013 

Exhibition: New York Public Library
June 2013 - April 2014

Exhibition: NOMAA, New York  
June 2013 

Health Education Outreach:
New York Presbyterian Hospital 
March 2013 

Installation: Corporate, New York
Winter 2012

Exhibition: QCC Art Gallery, CUNY
Spring-Summer 2011

Courier Mittman Gallery, New York
Spring 2011

Exhibition:  Non-profit, New York
Fall-Winter 2009

Mount Sinai Medicial Center, New York
Spring 2007 - Autumn 2008

Donna Van Gogh Gallery
2003 - 2004

Joan Wesley Usher is a multi-disciplinary artist and licensed mental health professional based in New York.  She is also a graduate student at Columbia University in the program for Narrative Medicine.

Over the last decade Ms. Usher has integrated various forms of the expressive arts into her clinical practice, while also producing commissioned artwork for healthcare and professional spaces. Related past projects include New York art exhibitions of solo and group works by artists recovering from mental illness. 

Ms. Usher's most recent clinical work explores the developent of symbolic language and story telling in the group setting and the use of Narrative Medicine principles in clinical interventions.  She is also presently developing a multi-media project that explores the impact of technology on narrative and the understanding of the self.

Before moving to New York, Ms. Usher spent fifteen years in educational and professional theatre, working as both an actor and independent producer. Her freelance projects centered around classic literature and were often collaborative ventures with nonprofit, religious or educational organizations.